Lady Mia

Lady Mia McBride is the wife of Bishop D. S. McBride and the First Lady of Grace Temple Ministries.

After obeying the call of God, Lady Mia left the corporate world, where she served as a regional manager for a large telecommunications company for several years, and joined Bishop McBride in the ministry.  Lady Mia has labored untiringly with her husband in ministry and has helped to develop several ministries in the area of music and performance arts.  Lady Mia was instrumental in the development of the Grace Temple Ministries Inspirational Choir, who recorded their first CD project in 2007.  Lady Mia also serves in the capacity of Executive Administrator in the ministry. Lady Mia serves in numerous other capacities in ministry, which include, Praise & Worship Leader, Women of Faith Leader, Bondage Breaker speaker, and Conference host, and Christian Education teacher.

Lady Mia McBride is a lovely, graceful, dynamic orator of the Word of God.  Through her own adversities, Lady Mia has developed a heart for hurting and abused women.  By speaking the truth of God’s Word, Lady Mia has a helped women overcome past pains and traumas and discover their freedom in Christ. In her own words, she stated, “Forgiveness is the first step to freeing yourself from your past.  Most people struggle with hurts and pains  because they don’t know how to release themselves from it.”  Through sermons such as, “Scent of A Woman”, “Throne Shaking Faith”, “Shaken, Sifted and Shifted”, and many others, God is using Lady Mia as a forerunner in helping women understand their completeness in Christ.

Lady Mia McBride is a graduate of Tarrant County College and the University of Texas at Arlington.  She holds a degree in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Arts. in Public Relations with a minor in Economics.  Lady Mia’s entrepreneurial spirit began as a senior in high school where she owned and operated a licensed clothing store from her home.  She and her husband, Bishop D. S. McBride have owned and operated businesses such as a hair salon, 2 upscale coffee houses, concession stands, and now through their ministry, Kid Grace Learning Center.